Being deeply entrenched in the app world there are trends and reports that surface daily claiming, mobile apps are dead and on average there are ZERO new apps downloaded every month. My response to this is two words, Pokemon Go. 100 million installs over this past weekend.

The truth is apps are not dead, nowhere near it. What has happened is the app market is over saturated with app inventory, so you really need to do a few basic but important things in order to stand out.


1. Create something useful or entertaining. I know most people skim over this and assume that their app is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but really take the time to do your homework, do research into the problem you are trying to solve, and create the most useful product possible based on those results.
The days of solving imaginary problems with a mobile app are long gone. There is only so much space on users phones, so to occupy a small square of that real estate you need to prove real value or be incredibly entertaining.

2. Make is simple. This is not new news, do one thing and do it great. Consider the true value your app is going to provide users and hone in on that functionality. You can always add new features later, and from a marketing standpoint, this is a much better strategy as it reveals ongoing press opportunities and announcements to engage existing users and entice potential new users.

3. Start talking about your app long before it’s set to launch. Launching to an existing fan base works wonders when you’re looking for early traction and feedback. Even starting a facebook page for your app where you discuss the functionality, and how it’s going to enrich people’s lives is incredibly beneficial. Start as early as possible to align yourself with your potential audience.

4. Track everything. Learning what works and what does not as early as possible is critical to the success of your mobile App. Making sure you have Google Analytics or some other method of analytics and event tracking in your app will be enormously valuable when you’re trying to solve issues in your platform, increase your users base or develop new features.

There is so much more that goes into what makes an App successful or sink into its app store grave, but this is a good jump start checklist to get going in the right direction.